There is nothing more satisfying than showing kids and young adults some insights in my job through working on a project with them. Starting with drawings on walls in childrens’ rooms, it happened that schools and organisations booked me for detaining workshops and creating drawings in groups. Here’re some impressions of various projects done in the last time.


live painting
in cooperation with Dr. Knoche & Jägermeister Austria

Sometimes life feels like a crazy and unreal trip, especially when things happen you’d never thought there’ll will be a glimpse of a chance to happen: Jägermeister asked me and Dr. Knoche to do a live painting during their exclusive secret event together in vienna. Surrounded by instagram-promis, influencers and people from TV me and Doc drew a spacy landscape for more than 400 visitors of the party.
Crazy location, crazy people, crazy night - more please!

More pictures:


illustration workshop
in cooperation with, Jolly and UPN Austria

A music-lovers delight: Vinyl made of chocolate with a self-drawn cover? Kids and youngsters paint their own coverartworks with a little help of aplacefortom. Which design will you create? Mom and Dad on the front cover or your favorite rockstar?

More Infos:


6x2m & 2x2m stage setting / 2 classes à 15 kids

The principal of Upper Austrian high-school M.HS Neufelden asked me to concept their huge stage settings for their yearly “Musikalischer Abend”, a concert series with over 2500 visitors on 4 nights.
During a 2-days-workshop with 15 3rd degree-schoolkids a funny comic-band was drawn on wooden boards with moveable elements (through a gear system the 4th-degree kids built).


36 square meters illustration / coloring page /
commercial work for & Landwirtschaftskammer OÖ

Good god, a project of my flavor! 36 square meters to be painted, for kids as a coloring page. Veronika Müller, project leader of the agricultural fair in ried, asked me to join their team to paint their stand and present its story: BODENTAUCHEN, an “info-house” for kids an teenagers dealing with soil layers in the woods.

the idea for the exterior walls (my part) was to create an image serving as huge coloring page for young visitors of the fair. it took me 'round 70 hours of planning and painting to finish this piece.

This project was a cooperation of Landwirtschaftskammer OÖ, Arch2media, roomtomove and, thank you for
being part of it!


mural illustration / childrens’ room

Little Lisa is not the kind of girl you expect - a 10 year-old kid loving skulls, horror movies! Whatever, kids are kids.

As a birthday present i drew something creepy on her wall.
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